Yeongju Apple

Yeongju Apple Yeongju Apple Yeongju Apple

Characteristics of Yeongju Apples

Yeongju is the largest apple producer in the country. Yeongju apples boast an excellent flavor and taste as well as high sugar contents. The apples are raised in the orchards south of Mt. Sobaek, where Baekdudaegan Mountain Range's main ranges, Taebaek and Sobaek Mountain Range, branch off from each other, offering ample sunlight, clean air, and clean waters, providing the best cultivation conditions to the apples.

Notably, Tsugaru apples have outstanding quality, beating the apples produced in other regions. It is becoming increasingly popular in agricultural-product wholesale markets.

The apples are mostly packed in 15kg boxes and then released, but to meet the diverse consumer needs, the packing was diversified into 5kg and 10kg boxes.

The prices vary greatly depending on the crop output and the seasonal elements, and thanks to the modernized storage facilities, good-quality apples are released all year round.


  • Yeongju Agricultural-Product Distribution Center : 054)630-9000
  • Gyeongbuk Apple Cooperative's Yeongju Branch : 054)636-2037
  • Punggi Nonghyup Wholesale Center : 054)636-3209
  • Yeongju Nonghyup Wholesale Center : 054)636-8594
  • Mosil Farm Cooperative : 054)633-5582
  • Natural Agricultural-Crop Center : 054)638-1794
  • Farmers Yeongju Station Wholesale Center : 054)632-7684
  • Seondorine Apple Mudosil Crop Center : 054)638-0022