Hasuo Hasuo

Yeongju Nonghyp's "Logevity Hasuo"

Hasuo refers to an ivy grass named “Saebak ivy” or “Baku.” It is widely grown in mountains and fields in various parts of Korea. It is a perennial herb. In Yeongju, 405 farm households produce 413 tons in 136ha farms, accounting for 70% of the country's total output, making Yeongju the largest producer of Hasuo.

To meet the diverse consumer needs, we have developed the powered-type Hasuo into tablet types dubbed “Jangbihwan” and “Yubihwan,” and they are now being established as health supplements.


  • Yeongju Nonghyup Farmers' Market : 054)639-3341
  • Jangsu Herb Farm Center : 054)637-3310